Howdy folks,

Let me introduce Domino Count, a web app for keeping score of a game of dominoes. You can find the repo here. My goals with this project were:

On the Go side of things, there were a few new things for me:

An issue worth mentioning is the data replication problem I ran into. I’m using SQLite as my backend since it’s simple and robust. However, by default, creates two machines and load balances between them. The issue arises because each instance has its own volume attached to it, so making sure data is replicated is left as an exercise to the reader. There is an open-source solution being developed by called LiteFS. However, to install it, I would have to switch to Docker images. Another solution could be to scale down the instances to a single app.

For the time being, before I hit project fatigue, I’ll work on something else. Maybe writing that data replication package. Or finally, creating an auth package to use in my apps.