So here is an update on what I’ve been doing in the latter half of October.


I’m finally playing around with Prometheus and monitoring which is something I wanted to do for a long time. I’ve started by creating a 5 node cluster on GKE and then following a simple guide, Kubernetes monitoring with Prometheus in 15 minutes by Giancarlo Rubio. Afterwards, I watched two talks about the subject Monitoring, the Prometheus Way by Julius Volz, one of the founders of Prometheus. Also, End to end monitoring with the Prometheus Operator by Frederic Branczyk, he works for CoreOS and is one of the maintainers of the Prometheus Operator. I’ve learned a lot from both talks, now I plan to dive deeper into monitoring. As a side note, I’ve also watched Taking the Helm: Delivering Kubernetes-Native Applications by Michelle Noorali, Matt Butcher, and Adnan Abdulhussein.  I watched it because Helm is a very important project, in my opinion, and I used it to install the Prometheus operator.


Last time, I mentioned I was reading up on the k8s API since I was working on a ticket. Here is the Pull Request. This one was basically Bash scripting and Makefiles, however, I did learn a lot!


So I’ve been busy learning VIM, however, I decided to start using Neovim instead. Is a drop-in replacement for VIM that tries to keep what’s good and add new features. The same configuration works. I’ve also created a dotfiles repo to keep track of my configuration. Have a look!


That’s about it for these last two weeks. I’m planning to stick with the same subjects going into November. Catch you later!