I’m trying a new approach for my documenting process. Namely:

Without further ado here’s what I’ve been up to:

Bare Metal & kubeadm

I picked up kubeadm and build a bare metal Kubernetes cluster. I wrote a guide about it, you can find it on GitHub.

I got 3 x Dell Optiplex 380: Pentium Dual-Core 2.6Ghz 2GB RAM 160GB HDD and I’m going to install Centos 7 as the host pic.twitter.com/ZFEyOOSVfS

— Crismar Mejia (@CrismarMOz) September 30, 2017

I learned so much on this project:

Voilà ! pic.twitter.com/4QJ4AFwUzP

— Crismar Mejia (@CrismarMOz) October 9, 2017

Kubernetes API

I’m working on a ticket for service catalog that requires that I have a deeper understanding of k8s architecture and APIs. So, I took some time to reread and comprehend the concepts and API conventions. Similarly, I’ve been looking at the build process for both k8s and service catalog.


Perhaps you’ve noticed some changes in the blog. There is a new theme and the coffee beans header is gone. My domain now points to the (shorter)bio and I set up a simple email forwarding following this guide. This is part of my commitment to keep documenting. I plan to keep adding features and styling as time goes on.


I’m also learning VIM. Two months ago, I taught myself how to touch type with gtypist as part of the process to learn VIM properly. Now I’m picking up VIM using vimtutor and following advice from this guide.


Busy month. For the near future, I want to explore Helm and Prometheus on my new cluster. Also, I plan to keep contributing to the Kubernetes project and learning VIM. Catch you on the next one!